My Favorite


So, have you all tried this recipe yet? If so, you will have discovered that it’s the bomb! Seriously, it’s just about my favorite meal.

Like most of the recipes that will appear on this blog, it’s a hand-me-down from dear, old Mom. Although, I hope she’s not reading this, because she wouldn’t appreciate being called “old.” But I mean it in the most endearing way possible.

Anyway, since the wife is a semi-vegi (no cows, no pigs), I usually substitute ground turkey for the meatloaf mixture. Maybe I’m too used to it this way, but it’s damn good. Of course, the original formulation will yield a more rich stuffing. You may also need a crash cart.

Generally, I’m a Parmesan freak. I only use the real stuff on pasta (procured from DiBruno Brothers, natch). But when I’m using it more as an ingredient, I have been known to use the tube stuff. I know my Italian relatives are spinning in their grave, but I’ve made my peace with it.

Biggest danger in this recipe: the sauce. Mine tends to be on the soupy side. I need to let the water evaporate off in the last ten minutes to get it back down to an acceptable viscosity.

Let me know how yours turn out.


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