Always bet on brown

This is some good stuff. I’ve made two upgrades to the original recipe given to me by mamasito. First, the preparation of the chicken helps keep the meat juicier and gives it a nice little taste boost. In fact, I’ve used this technique – pound, salt & pepper, flour – to make a number of other chicken dishes and it always makes for a more positive experience.

The second thing I’ve added from another recipe: the lemon juice. You can add up to two tablespoons, depending on your preference. But definitely add a little; it really makes the chicken dance in your mouth.

As far as pasta shapes, I usually go with farfalle, gemelli or penne, although you can probably do just about anything. I’m not really a pasta snob, but I generally stay away from the long shapes (like spaghetti and linguine) for this dish. I’m also lazy and just make the whole pound of pasta, even though it’s probably more than you need.



2 responses to “Always bet on brown

  1. Your site is great with some nice recipes, but you have no yields for any of your recipes. For a lot of people that are just simple at-home cooks, how are they going to know how to break it down to how many servings each recipe makes. Just a thought, something you might want to add.

  2. You’re absolutely right, and thank you for pointing that out.

    I suppose that since I don’t entertain much, I tend to overlook the number of portions these recipes yield. I’ll tell you that most of the ones I’ve inherited from my mom yield about three equal portions (with a bit of leftovers), which made them perfect for our family dinners.

    Now that it’s just me and my wife, there are, of course, more leftovers. I’ll do my best to include yield in future recipes. Thanks again for the suggestion!

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