The Ultimate Comfort Food

OK, not such a great picture, but you probably get the idea.

Pasta Ceci (pronounced “chay gee”) is really one of the most simple, yet comforting dishes in my arsenal. Instead of mashed potatoes or mac & cheese, this is my family’s go-to comfort food.

My mom always told me that this was a kind of peasant’s sauce. The story goes that in Italy, all of the leftover pasta shapes accumulated during the week are cooked together and tossed with the ceci for a nice, simple meal, or a warm-up for another main dish. I almost always use a full pound of pasta for my dishes, meaning that I don’t have the fun menagerie of shapes that is traditionally required. Instead, I usually use shells, farfalle or campanelle. Again, this is probably not a good recipe for long noodles.

Without the chickpeas, this can also be considered a basic Italian pasta sauce. Some of the old-school folks will simply saute the garlic in the oil, toss with pasta and throw a little bit of Parmesan over it.

I always need at least that one other ingredient (try broccoli, mushrooms or other things) to keep my taste buds happy.


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