Why I’m Not a Vegetarian

I’m not a big steak eater. That probably goes without saying, considering my wife has shunned anything that doesn’t fly or swim.

However, when we go out to eat, I usually take a good long look at the beef and pork dishes. I don’t always order them, but it’s usually the only time I get to eat the stuff so I at least consider them.

Such was the case at one of our favorite local BYOBs (Is that sign big enough, or what?), Caffe Casta Diva the other night. We had been to this Italian place a number of times and have never been disappointed by the food. The restaurant may not be the total package that Melagrano is, but I have never had a bad meal there.

This one was the best. A New York strip steak grilled to perfection, sitting in a balsamic vinegar (25 years old) and red wine reduction, with fresh string beans and potatoes. I literally ate everything on the plate. There was barely an ounce of fat on the steak and I almost mistakened it for the Filet Mignon which was the special that night. I’ve never seen or tasted a steak that competed with the Filet until that night.

There was only one problem – no leftovers.


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