More than just meat sauce

OK, first thing’s first: this is not just tomato sauce with meat in it. Every time I see a crappy, low-rent Italian restaurant try pass off their regular marinara with some hamburger in it as “pasta bolognese,” I want to vomit. Fortunately, I restrain myself.

This, again, is another one of my mom’s recipes, passed down through the generations. Actually, I have no idea if she got this from a cookbook, but I like to think it was the generations thing.

I know you’re probably tired of hearing this, but I use ground turkey in my sauce to appease the little lady. Yeah, it’s not as rich or flavorful as veal, but I’m all about saving the baby cows. Come on, you know they’re cute! Remember when Bill Crystal played midwife to that calf in City Slickers? Just hang on to that memory and you’ll enjoy the turkey a lot more.

Anyway, I also use baby carrots because I’m lazy and they come pre-peeled. I find that filling up my 3-cup pulse grinder with them just about equals two full carrots.

As far as which pasta to use, this sauce goes best with the long noodles. I use fettucine or linguini, but the more traditional shape is tagliatelle. You can also use the smaller shapes, as long as they pick up the sauce – something like shells would do.

Top it off with a little Parmesan, and you’ve got a classic!


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