Weekend Update

Went up to visit the ‘rents this weekend in Yonkers (NY). Here’s what I ate:

Bagel with Cream Cheese
It’s New York. Bagels practically grow on trees. The folks only had one left in the fridge and it was an “everything” – not my favorite, but a good start for the weekend.

Leftover Lasagna

Mom usually doesn’t make this Garfield favorite, but when she does, it’s oh-so-good. Truthfully, it could have used a splash more sauce, but you can’t argue with six layers of pasta, ricotta and mozzarella. No meat allowed.

Fish Tacos
After helping a friend move into his new apartment in White Plains, we hit the Cheesecake Factory (which is now only a few blocks from him). Like most people, I have a ‘usual’ CF meal – Crusted Chicken Romano. It was hella late, so I tried something less filling. The fish tacos were pretty good: too much cabbage, but the fish was cooked perfectly. Very California.

Maple Mini Wheats
This was the only cereal in the house and I was definitely psyched to try them as I’m a big mini wheats fan. The new flavor was ok, but not really good enough to switch from the usual.

Cobb Salad
My folks wanted to show me the Yonkers waterfront, which is being developed into a yuppy heaven. There’s already a fancy place called CXO (or something like that), but we decided to go to the pub next door. We got a great table overlooking the Hudson River and my dad and I both ordered the grilled chicken cobb salads. Pretty standard setup – lots of grilled chicken, hardboiled eggs, blue cheese, bacon, avocado, tomatoes. The only disappointment was the iceberg lettuce underneath. I also removed about half a pig’s worth of bacon.


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