Questioning Qdoba

Qdoba Mexican Grill. What exactly does that mean?

Somehow, I don’t think many Mexicans have high-tech grills where they prepare pounds and pounds of chicken and steak every day.

Also, most of the food prepared at this burrito factory doesn’t even involve a grill. They steam the tortillas, press the quesadillas, mix the pico de gallo and warm the beans.

I guess it’s a marketing thing.

While I’ve graduated to shredded beef and shredded pork burrito, I occasionally return to the good ol’ grilled chicken, like I did today at lunch.

I usually eat these things for dinner and now I know there’s a good reason: they give you less stuffing at lunch. My burrito was definitely a little smaller, a little lighter than usual.

Now, I know the stretchability of these tortillas: they could probably wrap a rotisserie chicken in one. So, I behoove you Qdoba lunch manager, is it too much to ask for your dinner portions at lunch?


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