Fun with fish

When I buy fish at the supermarket, I usually get two kinds: tilapia and salmon. This is not because those are my two favorite fish. This is because those are the two cheapest fish that I like and won’t fall apart on me – yeah, I’m looking your way, flounder.

Anyway, I actually really like tilapia and salmon, especially when prepared right. The problem is, while I definitely make edible fish, I can’t quite get the quality up to the same level as my other recipes.

Quick recap: I made both fish in the oven, even though I can safely say that I like pan-frying tilapia a lot more. When I baked it, I used a butter-based bath and a panko breadcrumbs. It was very tasty, but somehow too plain. I also can’t get those panko crumbs to really crisp up. In my third attempt with them, it still didn’t get that “crusted” texture I was going for.

The salmon, despite being a disaster for the household, was an unmitigated success. I don’t think I’ve ever made salmon that good and I credit it to two things: fresh ginger and the broiler.

Despite putting up with the incessant squawking of the fire alarm for 10 minutes, the broiler helped make some of the most tender fish I’ve ever tasted. Ginger, in my first time using the ingredient, proved to be a good alternative to my usual flavors, and really complemented the salmon.

I think I’ve found my Excalibur of salmon recipes.


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