Mama’s Vegetarian

The “Vegetarian” part of the title is a bit misleading. It’s not like there’s hundreds of unique, vegetarian dishes to wow your palette here.

It’s a falafel place, nothing more. Granted, they make some mean falafel, but just because you also offer roasted eggplant and potato pancakes does not mean your food-shack is anything more than a falafel shack.

Regardless of the name issues, the food is really good. You can either get sandwiches, made in fresh-baked pitas, or contribute to global warming with a styrofoam platter. Honestly, both methods have the same stuff – hummus, veggies (including tomatoes, cabbage and cucumbers), sauce and your choice of main dish – but there’s more of everything in the platter.

Two complaints:

1. The other day, the falafel balls were a bit too crispy.
2. There’s this one guy that’s given me the spicy sauce twice, even though I’ve turned it down twice. You can say he’s busy and not paying attention, but he probably just hates me.


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