Who knew?

Remember that salmon that almost set my house on fire? Of course you do… it’s right below.

Well, anyway, I just realized I got the recipe from Prevention magazine.

Hey, I’m as surprised as you are. One of the best pieces of fish I’ve ever prepared and it’s from that magazine you read at the doctor’s office? You never know.

Incidentally, I found this recipe using Google, which is probably the biggest cookbook in the world. All you have to do is throw together a couple of ingredients in the search bar and it brings up a ton of great options.

This one was the first response to “salmon + ginger.” Mmmmmmmm, Google.


2 responses to “Who knew?

  1. This recipe was awesome. I didn’t have Dijon so I used honey mustard instead.

    The problem is the glaze on two of the filets got blackened after only 6 minutes in the broiler. The fish was cooked perfectly though. Maybe I used too much glaze?

  2. Ya know, I only tried this once, so I’m not in a good position to comment.

    However, you’re right: it could be the mustard. I used “country” dijon which is little more mealy, and the fish didn’t blacken at all.

    It could also be random differences in oven temps.

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