Complaining worked for me…

Free ice cream

And it can work for you too!

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but Haagen Dazs has a light ice cream flavor that will melt your soul. It’s called Extra Rich Light Dulce de Leche.

Even with such a reputation for unparalleled smoothness, sometimes a bad pint will find its way into a store. And sometimes, just sometimes, a bad shipment will plague your whole neighborhood. This is what happened a few weeks ago when I purchased two pints from two different stores within a block from each other.

The ice cream, while still tasty, was icy; not at all smooth. Pieces of ice cream would break off as I dragged my spoon across the layers. My keen detective skills told me that this had to be the result of a shipping problem in which the ice cream melted slightly and refroze, making it icy and unpleasant.

After five minutes on the phone laying out my complaints with a Haagen Dazs rep (in which she agreed with my theory), she was kind enough to send me two certificates for free pints. Pretty sweet.

Now, I’m not saying you should abuse this system, but there is a recourse if a normally excellent product doesn’t conform to its prior quality levels.

This is America. You should never have to suffer through inferior ice cream.


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