I know what you’re thinking: “More pizza?! I can’t take it any more. There’s more to food than just cheese and crust!”

Well, you sir (or ma’am), are in luck. This is not a story about pizza.

It’s about two pizzas.

The first pie was the infamous experimental pizza, meant to assuage my fears that I would completely ruin Thanksgiving. Within one crust, I made two separate combos (and an alternate) to make sure that both will work on its own. The first half (right side of the first picture) was a twist on the caramelized dealy I tried last week. This time, however, I added pear slices between the caramelized onion base and the blue cheese. Wow.

The other half (left side of the first picture) was an apple experiment. I originally meant the cheese to be only cheddar, but I was convinced to add an alternative – Gruyere – by an extremely knowledgeable, friendly cheese guy from DiBruno Brothers – an amazing gourmet food shop in Philly. So I split the two cheeses between the two corners, added some apple slices and topped it with some crispy turkey bacon. Score.

Not only did both pizza ideas work better than expected, they were, by far, the best I’ve ever made. I haven’t seen either combination exactly the same way on the Internets, so I’ll have to write them up as recipes to prove my creative prowess. Incidentally, I like to think of this blogging thing as a poor man’s copyright; kind of like sealing your idea in an envelope and sending it to yourself. Even if somebody steals my flavor combo, though, I’ll still have the satisfaction of having not killed my relatives via sub par Thanksgiving appetizer. That would’ve been just embarrassing.

Trying to keep the pizza streak alive, and taking some hints from my very clever commentators (from last pizza post), I went right back to a traditional sauce and cheese pie for dinner. Again it was on wheat crust, but this time, I pre-cooked it before adding the toppings. I also dried the fresh mozzarella to make sure it didn’t over-moisten the crust. Finally, I was lucky enough to have some spinach and mushrooms in the house, so I sauted them in the same pan as the caramelized onions and turkey bacon, giving both a nice, salty flavor.

Three for three! Or really two for two, since (technically) there were only two crusts. Either way, it was a successful night of pizza-making. And I needed it.


One response to “Pizzapalooza

  1. These pizzas gave me the runs, Mike. Just kidding, they were outstanding. I preferred the one with turkey bacon, it was a good sweet and salty contrast. You should make dishes for all our family events.

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