The Standard Tap

This should be fairly short as I can’t really find much to criticize about the Standard Tap, a fantastic gastropub residing in Philly’s Northern Liberties neighborhood.The beer list was impeccable – we especially enjoyed the River Horse E.S.P. and downed it in mass quantities – and the food was superb. I chose the bluefish, which was served over a concoction of diced fried potatoes, sauteed spinach, and a tangy  onion/olives/capers mixture. Although I was warned me about the “fishiness” of blue fish, every bite was perfectly tender and blended nicely with the diversity of flavors.

Other hits around the table:

  • A deliciously prepared portabello mushroom sandwich with sauteed spinach on a tasty roll
  • A shrimp and monkfish combo over some sort of tomato and fish stock stew
  • Perfectly cooked striped bass over sauteed mushrooms, pancetta, and a light cream sauce

It was just the right antidote to Amada’s pricey pretension. I only wish we lived closer.


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