Coo Coo for Cacciatore


Chicken Cacciatore – it’s always on the menu but I never order it.

Maybe that’s because I’ve been waiting for the right recipe to come along so I could try doing it myself. As it happens, my esteemed mother-in-law not only has a recipe for this famous Italian treat, but the special recipe that makes my wife go ga-ga.

Despite worries of retroactively ruining her childhood by messing up her favorite food, everything turned out fine. My wife even said it tasted almost exactly like her mom’s, which I took as high praise. “But,” she added, “the sauce was a little too thick.” Oops.

As you can see from the ingredient list, it’s really an improvisational process. Want more garlic? Throw in more garlic. Want less mushrooms? Leave them on the side. It’s like Burger King always says: have it your way. Except, unlike Burger King, your way is delicious.



5 responses to “Coo Coo for Cacciatore

  1. OK, this is by far the most viewed post on my blog, but nobody has commented on it. Is it because you’re immediately clicking over to the recipe?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  2. Just found this post today after my brother made this for me and I wanted to see what variations others had made.

    I almost skipped straight to the recipe, until I noticed the comment… 😉

  3. Mmmm, I have this simmering on my stove top this very second. Basically stuck to your recipe but omitted the mushrooms and added a little chicken broth for richness. I’ve never made cacciatore with breaded chicken before, I’ve always just dusted it with flour.
    Smells amazing 🙂

  4. Not a fan of the fungi, huh? That’s okay…as long as the finished product tastes good.

    Dusting the chicken with flour isn’t bad, but I like the breading, even if does sometimes fall off into the sauce. So, how did it all work out?

  5. i just saw your blog now and am looking fwd to trying this recipe @ home.

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