Franks & Beans: A Duet


Ah, franks and beans. Sometimes there’s nothing better than eating like a hobo.*

But I have a question: what about the process of making baked beans “vegetarian” also makes them red? Did some assembly line jokester add a bunch of ketchup into the vegetarian version just for fun? Because that coloring is pretty odd.

By the way, the wieners are turkey and thus ok for my semi-vege wife (in case you were wondering).

*No offense to Internet-enabled hobos. 


2 responses to “Franks & Beans: A Duet

  1. I have a real answer for you! The vegetarian baked beans are made the same way that baked beans are made in England: with tomato sauce. My hubby hates baked beans over here because they taste like a barbecue grill to him. 😀

  2. Huh… I didn’t know that. Makes my outrage a little less dignified.

    Sorry, England!

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