The Neverending Name Problem

So lately, I’ve been wrestling with the decision to rename this site.

You see, is already taken by some foreign entity (I wonder what it translates as), forcing yours truly into a similar bind as our favorite math-test-skipping nerd, Bastian from The Neverending Story.

If you recall, to stop the Nothing, young Bastian had to give the princess a new name. He screamed out something at the climax of the movie, although you’d need a gazillion sound filters to try and figure it out. (Or just a quick visit to Wikipedia.)

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to warn you that Foodood (The Site) may change its moniker in the near future. I think I know what I’m going to call it, but if you have any good suggestions, I’m all ears.

And yes, I do realize that my dog looks like Falcor.


2 responses to “The Neverending Name Problem

  1. Is just “Food Dood” an option? Thought I’d give it a shot…

    Oh, and The Neverending Story is pretty much the epitome of everything I loved and miss about the 80s. God, that’s a good movie… Artax! Aaaartaaax!!!

  2. No matter how hard I yell at my TV, that horse just doesn’t want to get out of the muck. Poor horse.

    And, unfortunately, is also taken. Poor me.

    But thanks for trying!

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