My Birthday (again) @ Nodding Head

This post is woefully late mostly because, well… I was drinking. Now, before you drive yourself into a tizzy (as my cherished elders would say), let me explain:

1. It was my birthday.

2. I was at a brewpub called Nodding Head.

I figured that since the fine folks at Nodding Head went through all the trouble of brewing seven different beers (on the second floor of row house in the middle of Philadelphia no less!), it would be just plain rude for me to not partake.

I’m not sure how often they change the brew (it may be daily, although I think it’s weekly), but all of the selected seven dominate the nationally distributed stuff in color, taste, texture and any other drinking category you can imagine.

There are a few standards that seem to never leave (including 60 Shilling Ale, Grog and IPA), some utility players (like Doc, 700 Level and BPA), and the rare experiments (such as the awesomely named Hoptimus Prime, Monkey Knife Fight and Lead Pipe Lager) that keep things lively.

As for the night… it was a lot of fun. We even had the dartboard all to ourselves for the last couple hours.

And, miraculously, no one was hurt.


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