Cereal – it’s what’s for breakfast

Is anyone else obsessed with those ads for Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls? They’re not laugh-out-loud hysterical, but I find them oddly soothing. (If you’re lost, check out all of the commercials and some webisodes here.)

Unfortunately for Jimmy Dean, I identify more with the cloud character, who only eats cereal (because it’s “cold and wet”), than the sun (above) who is an optimistic hawker of fine JD sausage products.

So, with apologies to Jimmy Dean’s marketing department and the true cereal obsessives (e.g. Seinfeld) whom I could never hope to emulate, here’s my Top 5 Favorite Cereals.

1. Cracklin’ Oat Bran

The operative word here is “Crack.” This stuff is so good, but so expensive, you might as well cut it up and sell it in baggies outside the supermarket. Bonus points for the apostrophe.

2. Honey Bunches of Oats

Not nearly as addictive as the Crack, but plenty good. The ratio of oat clusters to flakes could be a little better. Otherwise, no complaints.

3. Life

Subtly sweet and wonderfully delicious, this cereal is also good for snacking. I like that it holds up under milk, as long as you eat it all within ten minutes.

4. Frosted Mini-Wheats

I can’t quite bring myself to like the commercials, which personify the “wheats,” and it’s shameful how much frosting falls off into the milk, but the cereal is a standard. I try to maneuver each piece so that the frosted side hits my tongue first.

5. Cheerios and Rice Krispies

I put these together because they’re boring, but go well with sliced banana. And I’ve been eating them since I was little, so I can’t quite manage to leave them off the list.


2 responses to “Cereal – it’s what’s for breakfast

  1. I’m embarrassed to say it, but I can eat a box of Cracklin’ Oat Bran at one sitting if I’m not careful. And, oh, do I pay for it later… worse than White Castle, in that respect (though undeniably healthier).

  2. i must say, you have pretty good taste. but this is my top 3.

    1. special k w/strawberries

    2. go lean crunch: honey almond flax

    3. fruity pebbles

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