The Debate: Ketchup on Eggs

This was going to be a revolutionary post. It really was.

I thought by objectively presenting both sides of the “ketchup on eggs” debate, I would usher in a new age of open and fair discourse within the food blogging community. Proponents and detractors alike would flock to the site and engage in a spirited discussion of condiments and protein.

But then I started gagging.

The foods in the above two pictures are so fundamentally incompatible that it is making me sick. Only through sheer force of will do I continue to write.

So, instead of the democratic exchange of ideas that I intended, I will extend my sincerest apologies to my wife and all those who follow the bizarre, stomach-turning ritual of mixing the red and yellow. You win.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…


39 responses to “The Debate: Ketchup on Eggs

  1. i love ketchup and eggs.

  2. Mmm… Me, too. Ketchup on eggs is one of those childhood comfort foods that I never outgrew. And salsa on eggs is even better!

    I’m making myself hungry now… ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Ah-ha… controversy! If this debate were to actually occur, I’d already be losing.

    I have to ask: is it a gender thing? So far, it’s three women in favor to one guy very much opposed.

    Anybody else want to weigh in?

  4. I think you may be on to something there. My (ex) wife and my daughter both like ketchup on their eggs. I can’t stand it. Of course, I don’t use ketchup much at all. About the only thing I put it on with any regularity is French Fries, and only then if I mix it with mayo. I have tried sour cream on eggs though, and that is surprisingly good.

  5. Ketchup on eggs is grotesque.

  6. Whoa! It’s three on three, broken down completely along gender lines.

    This has all the makings of a useless scientific study.

  7. If it helps your survey any, my mother loves it and my husband and father hate it. There you go.

  8. I hate ketchup, period. And ketchup on eggs makes me lose it. I have to leave the room…just the smell of it together is disgusting.

    Someone puts ketchup on a breakfast table and I have to excuse myself, appetite lost.

    I’m not the only woman either, my sister hates it too.

  9. Oh well, there goes the consensus. But I think it still qualifies as a “trend.” My non-scientific survey continues…

  10. Depends on how the eggs are prepped. Ketchup on, say, a taylor ham/egg/cheese or bacon/egg/cheese sandwich can be good, in moderation. Ketchup on scrambled eggs, an omelette, or–God forbid–eggs Benedict (yes, I saw someone do this) is just an unappetizing mess.

    How’s that skew your results? ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS: Todd, try the fries with sour cream and chives. I’ll take that over ketchup any time.

  11. Me and my brother both like Ketchup on eggs!
    “It’s a taste sensation!” Also I love ketchup on fish fingers mmmmm ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. I love Ketchup on scrambled eggs,
    I also enrage my wife by putting it on her pot roast..yum
    Of course it goes great with almost anything Deep Fried from Shrimp to Zuccini.

  13. Pot roast? Hmmm, never tried that one.

    But I do like a little dab on meatloaf. In fact, I think my mom glazes the top of her ‘loaf with ketchup.

  14. Todd: Fastest cocktail sauce ever: Horseradish sauce and ketchup. MF: Not my personal favorite, but who am I to argue with Mom’s cooking, regardless of whose mom it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. ketchup doesnt’ belong on eggs anymore than a thong belongs on roside o’donnell. like the latter, ketchup on eggs is so repulsive to think about that it should be a federal offense, punishable by death of course. sure, when i was a kid i may have dabbled with this deadly combo but hey, i also smoked crack once just so i could understand why it’s so bad for you.

    the best thing to do is to ask yourself, “what would jesus do?” i’ll tell you what, he definitely wouldn’t put ketchup on his eggs. how do i know this you ask… well, for one, ketchup wasn’t around back then. it was illegal, and should remain so (or at least give it a restriction order against eggs).

  16. yea bros, totally. alex rocks and eggs with ketchup suck. alrighty, smell you later bros.

  17. Hmmmm. I was going to delete your comment, Alex, because the link you provided is a little… saucy. But then I decided to just censor you a bit.

    If there’s one thing this blog lacks, it’s smack-talking entertainment value. So thanks for bringing it.

  18. I love ketchup on eggs. Alot of people seem to like to mix it with mayo and eat it on french fries nowadays, i think thats kinda gross. I actually like to mix my ketchup with nacho cheese when i can ๐Ÿ˜‰ its surprisingly good.

  19. I usually don’t ketchup on my eggs, though only because its at breakfast. I love ketchup, and am making an omelete for dinner, then absoloutely there will be ketchup

  20. Howard Dickins

    In my view, it’s morally WRONG to combine eggs and ketchup. Egg and baked beans are disgusting too. They should *never* be put on the same plate.
    It’s an abomination unto the Lord. (And I’m not alone in thinking this.)

  21. Ketchup makes scrambled eggs go from bland to amazing. So good.-

  22. Jacques Pepin loves ketchup. That’s all you need to know, you savages.

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  24. I personally loathe ketchup. Sure, it has its purposes, but I really prefer Ranch, or honey to dip things in. And fries taste better dipped in a peanut butter milkshake milkshake [or my personal favorite – Wendys Fries dipped in a Chocolate Frosty].

    This morning I used Bar S Spicy Polish dogs sliced and fried in just a touch of bacon grease (the only grease I use in my iron skillet) and then cracked a few eggs over it and scrambled them in. Served and topped with a dash of mozzarella. Knowing that my daughter likes spicy a little, but after a traumatic experience involving her favorite pizza (Domino’s Firey Hawaiian) when she was two (Yeah, she LOVED spicy when she was two) she hasn’t been able to handle spicy as well without freaking out. To be fair, her dad decided it would be funny to take all the jalepenos from two slices of the pizza and put it on one bite. Its a year later and she still freaks out spicy.

    The only reason I didn’t punch him is because he just got out of prison. My fist would have lost.

    To calm down the spicy I topped hers with a touch of ketchup and because I knew what I made would be fairly bland. Even though ketchup disgusts me if not on hashbrowns, it was exactly what the dish needed.

    But because I was grossed out — I Googled Ketchup on Eggs and arrived here. . .

    Its not a regular occurrence, and I do think its rather gross normally — but due to the salty nature of those sausages, it paired nicely.

    Then again — I like a SMALL drizzle of honey on my scrambled eggs sometimes when I cook it with a touch of eggnog or dash of nutmeg.

  25. Francis Elster

    I grew up near philly and our family put ketchup on scrambled eggs. But this totally grossed-out my wife from Ohio. I have passed on the tradition to my children so now it’s 4 wit ketchup and 1 wit-out ketchup. And then there’s the egg sandwich, which is actually better with mayo. Oops, did I bring up another sore subject?

  26. wachtrhein

    i was born and raised in the midwest , illinois . ketchup or catsup on scrambled eggs or hot dogs , etc , are very common

  27. Love ketchup on my eggs ever since i was a little kid about 4 yrs old the reason we had brains mixed with the eggs so hey love kechup with the eggs have a eggcellant day everybody

  28. What a funny debate.
    I hard boil my eggs, sprinkle with salt and pepper, swipe them with a little mayo, mustard, and sometimes a dab of relish. It must be the devil in me.

    The only time ketchup touches my eggs, is if they accidentally mix if I’m having hashbrowns or potato pancakes. You gotta eat it, there’s starving children in Africa. Besides, if I clean my plate, I get a reprieve from hell for six months.

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  30. When I was little my mom would put ketchup and pork n beans with scrambled eggs. She did this to make a “meal” out of the eggs because we had little money. Now, as an adult, I dont like eggs. I may eat them once a year- twice at most. This morning however, my daughter wanted cheesy eggs, and I ate mine with ketchup. now she likes cheesy eggs with ketchup =) I dont think its really a gender issue, but what your introduced as a child. The more foods that little ones try, the more they will try as adults..

  31. KETCHUP ON EGGS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Curious if there is a regional connection with this preference…how long ago did the combination originate? Cowboys at the campfire? I’m from the northeast and grew up in the country…my parents are new englanders…our family does it and two of my best friends from central upstate new york do it…my husband’s family does not do this and they are from CT and TX.

  32. I can’t believe this thing is still going! I left the conversation years ago but I’m glad the passion (for and against) is still alive! Btw, I’m still firmly in the anti-ketchup-on-eggs camp, and my wife has actually curbed her habit. Eggs, smoked salmon and avocado is the new style.

  33. My favorite breakfast. Take two soft eggs and put a little mayo and ketchup crumble up bacon mix and eat with toast. Very delicious. We all eat what we like, don’t we. So, now, I have added mayo and soft eggs to the discussion. Enjoy and deal with it! I know I am.

  34. Mayo IS soft eggs… and just for the record, I DO like it with catsup… but not so much with ketchup…

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  36. Screw ketchup on eggs.. grape jelly and eggs is where its at

  37. Ketchup rules on eggs.

  38. Ketchup is not a breakfast food

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