My Lunch: Chicken & Broccoli leftovers


Chinese food generally reheats well and my standard – Chicken & Broccoli – is no exception.

I’m curious as to what exactly they do to the chicken to make it so flat and curled over. Is it just thinly sliced? Do they pound it to death and then batter it?

Whatever the method, it arrives on my doorstep in less than 15 minutes and feeds me for two days. You can’t argue with that math.


2 responses to “My Lunch: Chicken & Broccoli leftovers

  1. All I know is that when my chicken turns out folded like that, it’s because I cooked a piece of really thin meat in a super hot pan. But with Chinese restaurants, one can never know for sure… 😉

  2. That sounds right… and it accounts for the extremely short preparation time too!

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