This guy got busted

Chef Robert Irvine, host of one of my favorite Food Network shows, Dinner: Impossible, was yanked from his position today due to the recent discovery of inaccuracies in his resume.

As told here (and just about everywhere else), Chef Irvine apologized for the embellishments in a written statement, only to have the network announce their intentions to replace him immediately.

This is not cool.

Dinner: Impossible is probably one of the most fun shows on Food Network. I can’t say I make appointments to watch it, but I have a hard time turning it off when it’s on. Heck, I even watched two hours of it last Saturday night to escape a sub-par SNL episode.

While I don’t blame Food Network for its actions and I certainly don’t condone Chef Irvine for his admitted stupidity, I do wish the show could continue with that good ol’ cockney man-monster.

So what if he didn’t work for the Queen? He’s already accomplished three seasons worth of missions… and if you’ve watched any of them, you know the guy’s got more than enough credentials to carry on.

Question: Do you think firing Chef Irvine was fair punishment for misrepresenting his experience?


2 responses to “This guy got busted

  1. Absolutely he should NOT have been fired. He is quite talented. Rachael Ray could never do what he does. The network states they will “revisit” at the end of the new season that is airing now. Of course they will, when the network is making money off of him, they’ll keep it on.

  2. The chefs and cooks on Food Network have differing credentials. Some have no formal training, but lots of experience. Some have tons of training and experience.

    I think the issue is that he LIED. We live in a society where lying is no longer considered a big deal, and I commend Food Network for standing up and letting it be known that lying is not ok.

    That said, lots of people embellish their resumes. There are websites and articles on how to get away with puffing up your credentials. So I can’t say crucify the guy.

    Actually, it makes me wonder who else is making it up as they go along.

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