A good problem to have


Sometimes, when making stuffed peppers, you’ll end up with leftover meat. The first thing you want to do in this situation is remain calm. Remember: meat is your friend.

To keep your dinner from being ruined, simply form the meat into small balls and cook them alongside the peppers.

Don’t view this as a personal failure. When you end up with meatballs, everybody wins.

Question: What other mistakes have you turned into culinary gold?


2 responses to “A good problem to have

  1. Man eat food, man get sick. You do bake these, I hope, and not do them all on top of the stove.

    I cook the meat before mixing it with cooked rice and tomatoes and grated Parmesan cheese.

    Any extra meat goes into a very appreciative dog’s dish. You showed up on my blog.

    The photo with the colored peppers looks lovely but by the time the peppers are burned the meat won’t even be cooked. Word to the wise, cookingwithdee.net, Dee

  2. Hi Dee, thanks for visiting. If you look at the original recipe, you’ll see that after cooking the peppers on all sides, I add a tomato sauce mixture and cover the pan.

    After about 45 minutes, the meat is cooked through with all of the juiciness retained. I also like to keep my rice outside of the pepper, instead of as part of the inside mixture.

    But we can agree on one thing… dogs always appreciate the extra meat!

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