The most disgusting thing ever (updated)

Wow, take a gander at this monstrosity. Only in Japan, a land virtually untouched by obesity, can the marketing wizards at Pizza Hut peddle a 646 calorie per slice (per slice!!!) food to kids without the least demonstration of conscience or remorse.

According to Gizmodo, Pizza Hut’s “exclusive” Double Roll pie includes bacon-wrapped wieners, mini hamburgers, pepperoni, three kinds of cheeses, and a few veggies.

And because that’s not hurl-inducing enough, how about adding a little ketchup and maple syrup? Because, ya know, that other stuff just doesn’t have the thick, viscous quality that’s driving all the kids nuts these days.

Honestly, when food becomes this kitschy, it’s more sad than cute.

Thanks to Meghan for the heads-up on this article.

Update 5/9/08

More crazy Asian pizza crusts here!


4 responses to “The most disgusting thing ever (updated)

  1. Wow, I was actually in Japan a few weeks ago and saw a number of insane things like this. The craziest (NOT tastiest…) was a hotdog wrapped in a curry filled donut, wrapped in a piece of pizza-bun thing.
    Seriously, it was the richest and most ridiculous pastry I’ve ever imagined. And not necessary awful…

  2. Have we Americans missed something here? There seems to be an inordinate amount of hot dog/pizza combos going on in Japan.

    Now, if we can only find a way to work in apple pie…

  3. Wait…maple syrup? AND ketchup? What? With hot dogs? And those don’t look like pepperonis… I’M SO CONFUSED AND NAUSEOUS AT THE SAME TIME.

  4. Oh my stars, one piece of that bugger looks like it would be a meal in itself! Great picture, btw!

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