Excuses, Explanations and Updates

That’s not true; it’s really just a pile of excuses.

But rather than bore you with those, check out some of the stuff I’ve been up to while not writing about food:

The New York Comic Con

Yes, I have been known to let my geek flag fly on occasion (or many occasions), but I’ve never done the whole costume thing like the above collection of Batman misfits. Ever notice that no matter how good the costumes are, there’s always something off? Mr. Freeze is fairly imaginative – hockey gear and all – but the Penguin (and I can’t believe I’m saying this about a convention attendee) is too tall and not nearly pudgy enough.

For the Least Believable Character/Body Type Combo award, it’s a tie between him and the 5′ 2″ skinny dude I saw slathered up in green body paint as the Incredible Hulk. How about tackling characters more your respective sizes, guys?

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

I hadn’t been to the circus in a good twenty years, but we scored free tickets thanks to my wife’s chance encounter with a sick tiger at vet school. How’s that for a perk?

The big-top event was naturally geared toward kids, but there were a few huh?-inducing adult moments. First, for one routine, the house band did an instrumental version of “Smack My Bitch Up” by The Prodigy. Now, I’m sure the kids didn’t get the reference (and the title was never mentioned), but everyone in my generation looked at each other and cringed at the subtle inappropriateness of the song selection.

Even wackier were some of the costumes and moves perpetrated by the circus “dancers.” At one point, there were a dozen of these cheerleader-like ladies, clad in black leather, fishnet stockings, and handle bars jutting out from their hips (you read that right), gyrating to the music.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. The kids may have been focused on the ringmaster/clown war in the middle of the arena, but the adults were treated to red-light-district-worthy strip show in the shadows. Kinda creepy.

The Future

One of life’s so-called transitional periods has heavily intruded on my blogging schedule recently and will keep posts at a minimum for the next month or so.

In the meantime, feel free to offer guesses on how I received this oh-so-painful blister on my finger.

I’ll give you a hint: it happened in the kitchen.


2 responses to “Excuses, Explanations and Updates

  1. Did you forget to put on your oven mitt before grabbing the casserole dish?

  2. Very close, but not quite. It’s something even more careless, if you can believe that.

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