My (Best Midtown) Lunch: Chai Home Kitchen

Today was my second time visiting this small Thai eatery, located at 55th and 8th. In my humble opinion, it delivers on all the qualities needed for a perfect New York lunch:

  • It’s good. Sure, I’ve only had a couple things from their lunch menu, but they’ve both been impressive.
  • It’s fast. Not quite as fast as McDonald’s, but for sit-down service, it’s a breeze.
  • It’s cheap. For $6.95 (pennies in New York lunch terms), you not only get a succulent, filling entree, but a choice of salad, soup or spring roll. Not bad.
  • It’s nice. I love the asymmetrical bowls, the swizzley chop-sticks and the little floating-flower pool in the window.

If you’re looking for recommendations, you could do worse than the Pad Sea Eiw, a perfect noodly blend of salty and sweet. It’s my new obsession.


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