Me vs. Tuna Steak – Round 4

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Why can’t I cook tuna steaks?

What is it about those seemingly succulent red wedges that brings out the worst in my culinary skills? Granted, my culinary skills are meager to begin with, but I’ve already mastered salmon. How much harder can tuna be?

After my latest adventure, I now consider the perfectly cooked tuna steak my white whale. I just can’t stop pursuing a better recipe or method. This time, I tried to adapt a salmon recipe for tuna and I can’t say it worked out so well.

I won’t go into the details, but please, for the love of cooking, can someone help me get this fish right?


3 responses to “Me vs. Tuna Steak – Round 4

  1. Hi me again it seems I am going backward through your site. Sear your tuna on one side for about 2 minutes. then turn and sear it on the other for 1-2 minutes. Medium rare. If you like it more done than that then you should be ashamed of yourself. LOL.

  2. Wow, you’re my one-woman answer bag! I guess I’ve been following the recipes too much, which usually call for more time in the pan or some extra time in the oven.

    I’m going to take your advice next time and keep it under 2 minutes per side. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. lol answer bag. I am oddly proud of that title. My hubby is gonna love it when I tell him this . rofl.

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