Cuban Chicken Pizzas

In keeping with the pizza theme, here’s a tasty little dish I happened to pick up from Cooking Light (uh… it must have been the wife’s copy).

Again, I call into question the cultural attribution; nothing in this dish screams Cuban to me. Latin America, definitely. But what’s especially Cuban about tortillas, cilantro and cumin? Maybe if pork were involved, I’d give it to them. But I digress.

It’s a fairly simple process, especially if you have the chicken already cooked. I didn’t (naturally), but a quick shot on the Foreman grill worked out fairly well, especially after cooking it through with the corn, bean and garlic mixture. You really can’t go wrong with this combo of flavors.

As you can see in the above picture, I maybe overcooked the tortillas a bit before topping them, but my experiment with some non-pre-toasted tortillas (all the way to the left) didn’t work out so well either. I guess the moral is pre-toast your tortillas, but don’t over-toast them.

Moderation, my friends: it’s the key to cooking.

At right is a picture of the finished “pizzas,” topped with fresh cilantro. I added a couple of tomatoes (for color and balance), but they made the things even more impossible to eat. I found myself wondering why I didn’t just top each one with another tortilla and cut them up quesadilla-style.

On a slightly unrelated note, I didn’t know that was cumin! All those years eating Mexican and Latin-style food with that exotic, distinctive flavor and I never thought to ask what it was.

Having served its purpose, I shall now banish cumin to the back of my cupboard to rot away with the rest of my menagerie of “one-dish” spices.

Don’t be scared, cumin. Paprika will show you around.


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