Oh man, I forgot about these!

Until, that is, I saw them at my local supermarket and had to call on all my strength not to buy every available box.

While tearing through these like Violet Beauregarde in a Wrigley’s gum outlet, I discovered two things I never knew about these tasty treats:

  1. They’re New York City icons. The cookies were first sold in Hoboken, New Jersey (across the river from Manhattan), and a full 70% of all boxes sold are consumed within the immediate metropolitan area.
  2. They’re seasonal. Because the thin layer of dark chocolate melts easily in summer months, Nabisco only puts them out between September and April.

The first point accounts for why I haven’t seen these in a while (I’ve been in Boston and Philly in the last six years), while the second just makes me sad. I guess I’ll just have to stock up and save some boxes in my freezer.

Question: Aside from Cadbury Creme Eggs, what other regional or seasonal products do you stock up on?


2 responses to “Mallomars!

  1. I live in Boston currently, but grew up in CT. I have been desperately missing Mallomars, and am hoping beyond hope that they will show up at my local Shaws. Can I order them online?

    As for seasonal sweets: I’m a big fan of Reese’s holiday peanut butter cups. The ratio of PB to chocolate is superb.

  2. Believe it or not, you can order Mallomars from Amazon. Just type it in the search box.

    I hope they use some sort of shipping refrigeration to keep the chocolate from melting. And good call on the Reese’s.

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