Sweets Week Part III: (Not So Good) Apple Crisp

Like just about everybody I know in the Northeast, I go apple picking in the fall. This year, the wife and I took a crazy trip up north to Applewood Orchards in Warwick, NY (to be detailed in a later post). We exited with half a bushel of apples, a pumpkin and smiles on our faces.

Unfortunately, our mood quickly turned sour when we wasted our first four apples on this recipe for the “Best Apple Crisp Ever.” Oh, hyperbole, why am I such a sucker for thee?

I know it’s silly to do before you read the rest of the post, but I’m going to just let you know upfront that you probably shouldn’t use this recipe. It yielded a dessert that was dry, not sweet enough and just bland-tasting overall.

However, since I took so many pictures of the process, I’m still going to write it up. Maybe we’ll both learn something.

Of course, we start with peeled apples. As you can see, I used several different types, which most people agree isn’t the best thing to do. But when you’re a maverick like me, the best thing to do isn’t always the best thing to do. (That’s a little maverick logic for y’all.)

Sliced apples in a 9 x 9 baking pan. Things are still looking up at this point, although in retrospect, I should have just eaten the apple slices.

Toss with brown sugar. By the way, does anybody know why the brown sugar liquefies like that every time you toss it with apples? Alton Brown, I’m looking your way.

Here’s where the poop hits the fan. Or rather, the crisp hits the pan as the case may be.  I think the sugar to flour ratio was all off, making the mixture dry and powdery.

Here’s the behemoth right out of the oven and into your face. If the composition seems a little sad, that’s because it is. I was sad that after eating one piece, I still had so much left over.

My advice: try another recipe, like this one or this one. Life’s too short for bad apple crisp.


One response to “Sweets Week Part III: (Not So Good) Apple Crisp

  1. DigablePlanet

    Looks great….needs more sugar!

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