Glazed Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies


Let’s celebrate the new year by taking a look back at the best cookies I made in 2008.

These humongous, cake-like monstrosities are based on this Google-discovered recipe and are a breeze to make. The dribbly glaze is from this recipe, although I added some cinnamon for color and flavor.

Here’s the process:

Start by mixing the wet ingredients…


And the dry ingredients…


Then combine both to produce a nice, fluffy batter.


Add the chips (and nuts if you believe in that sort of thing), drop by spoonful onto a greased cookie sheet and throw it into a 350 degree oven.


After only 10 minutes, you’ve got yourself a great batch of fall classics.

To make them even more special, whip up some glaze (or “icing” if you prefer) and drizzle it over the cookies. If I remember correctly, this process yielded almost two dozen cookies.


Remember: while the glaze adds a nice bit of sweetness to this robust cookie, be careful not to overuse it. Dousing your cookies in “sweet” is a sure way to get booed out of a bake sale.


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