We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming…


Hey, everybody. I know you’re wondering why my food-related output has been so scattershot lately.

Well, there are a number of reasons, but none I’m more proud of than my first web comic. It’s called We Make Clouds and it is currently competing in the monthly American Idol style contest on Zuda Comics.

I know a lot of you could care less about this stuff, but I would be eternally grateful if any of you (and your friends, family members, acquaintances, etc.) could sign up on Zuda and VOTE for my comic. It’s a fairly simple process and it would mean a lot to this food guy.

I promise, I am NOT abandoning Man Eat Food. But a lot of my energy this month will be going toward turning out the vote for my other baby, so please bear with me.

Thanks in advance for your support and understanding. Vote away!


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