Internet-Inspired Seared Swordfish


Mmmm, this turned out really nicely. And for that, I give thanks to the Internet.

This time, though, I didn’t just find a recipe. In fact, I didn’t even find a written-out recipe, which was a little bit of a problem. But I digress.

What I found, while searching for easy ways to prepare the swordfish that was sitting in my freezer, was this video.

I had never heard of Expert Village before, but this guy Brandon Sarkis was very clear in his instructions and demonstration. I sought out the rest of the videos in the series (not such an easy task, incidentally) and watched them, writing down some bare-bones directions.

As you can see from the above photo, the dish turned out great. But I have some very specific suggestions for Expert Village, and even Brandon, to make this experience a little more pleasant:

  1. Make ingredients and procedures available in writing. Yes, there’s a transcript of everything the presenter says, but it would be a lot easier to follow this in the kitchen if a standard checklist of ingredients and steps was provided.
  2. Label series videos more intuitively. I had to start and stop a number of other videos before grasping the order. If certain videos are part of a step-by-step series, label them with numbers. Duh.
  3. Tell me how the oven should be heated. This one’s specifically for Brandon. At one point, after searing both sides of the fish, you tell us to put it in the oven. Does that mean an unheated oven? Low heat, high heat? I ended up keeping the fish in the oven about 10-15 minutes at about 250 degrees. I think it worked because it was cooked all the way through, but wasn’t chewy.

For a good example of entertaining, clear how-to videos, try Howcast. They’ve got the system down pat.


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