My First Scallops


No, they’re not the first scallops I’ve ever eaten… just the first ones I’ve ever prepared.

They turned out decently, all things considered. And by “things,” I mean:

  1. I had no idea what leeks looked like. I forgot to check the web before going to the supermarket, so I had to depend on some visual aids in the produce department. Thankfully, I picked the right weird-looking vegetable.
  2. I used frozen scallops, which seem to have their own rules for defrosting. According to the Trader Joe’s bag, defrosting at room temperature is a no-no. Thanks, Trader Joe’s bag!
  3. I seared the scallops in a nonstick pan. I don’t think you’re supposed to do that.

scallops-two-pansThe recipe can be found here, and I must agree, it is pretty easy to make.

I subbed in vermouth for brandy (because I never have brandy lying around), so I guess the leeks and mushrooms were vermouthed [trademark: me], rather than brandied.

I was pleased that I didn’t overcook the scallops – they weren’t chewy and yielded easily to a butter knife. On the other hand, the mushroom/leek mixture had kind of a funky taste. I’m not sure whether that was due to the missing brandy or the fact that I’m not used to eating leeks. I’ll chalk it up to both.

Since I was not as traumatized as I thought I’d be from my first scallop cooking experience, I guess I’ll give them another shot.

But you can be sure I won’t overdue it, like Jamie on Top Chef. After all, as Fabio would say, “This is Man Eat Food, not Man Eat Scallop!”


One response to “My First Scallops

  1. Nonstick’s great for easy cleanup; I wouldn’t do a grilled cheese on anything else. The advantage to a regular pan (sticky?) is that you get all those tasty browned and burnt bits, and you can deglaze the pan with your bourbon/vermouth for a fuller flavor to your sauce.

    And don’t even get me started on nonstick saucepans. How are you supposed to tell something’s sticking/burning if it doesn’t stick to the pan? By the time you realize something’s wrong, it’s generally waaaay too late.

    Postscript on defrosting seafood: I’ve seen that with other stuff–like salmon and swordfish steaks–as well. Fish at room temperature probably isn’t a great idea.

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