Fat Links and Bacon

Macaroni-and-cheese stuffed, bacon-wrapped meatloaf

Macaroni-and-cheese stuffed, bacon-wrapped meatloaf

What is it about meat-wrapped meat and other feats of artery-clogging art that so captures the imagination of the American public? I’m not sure, but you can certainly count me as one of the Gazers of the Grotesque.

Take, for instance, everything on this site: This is why you’re fat. I want to look away but I simply can’t. Every items is a culinary trainwreck – and just as dangerous.

Many such novelty foods use bacon in mass quantities. This is because 1. bacon is awesome and 2. bacon has become trendy. So trendy in fact that the inevitable backlash has begun.

The good people at Slate’s The Big Money place the blame squarely on the Old Gray Lady’s shoulders, and specifically this article about the Bacon Explosion (the monstrosity that took the interwebs by storm earlier this year).

Sure, there have been bacon bras, bacon briefcases and bacon turkeys. And of course there was this tasty morsel:


But is the end of bacon really upon us, or have the reports of its death been greatly exaggerated? You tell me.


3 responses to “Fat Links and Bacon

  1. Dude – it was your blog title that drew me in – amazing!

    – Manny

  2. This I have to try…

  3. Ist ja fast so geil wie der Bacon Explosion!

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