Food on Film: What Chunk Ate


Is there any movie more purely enjoyable than The Goonies?

While I love the whole adventure, it’s characters like Mouth, Data, the Fratellis and Sloth that really make this film an undeniable classic.

But there’s one character I hold closest to my heart: CHUNK. The food-obsessed klutz has some of the best lines, by far the most memorable facial expressions and a charm that shines through even the most serious scenes.

Of course, Chunk’s most famous quality is his ability to eat in the face of danger. For a rundown of his edible conquests, keep reading…

chunk-then1. Ellio’s syle pizza slice and strawberry shake

During the opening title sequence, as the Fratellis try to shake the cops during an epic chase, we get our first glimpse of an excited Chunk at the arcade. Soon a fistful of what I think is pizza  – looks like the square, Ellio’s variety – is up against the glass, followed by an explosion of milky pinkness that I could only guess is a strawberry shake or strawberry flavored Quick. For some reason (probably early product placement), it bursts out of a Pepsi cup.

2. Potato chips

After Chunk drops the statue, knocking loose a very important piece, the boys go into cover-up mode when Mikey’s mom comes home with the new housekeeper, Rosalita. Chunk’s go-to action: stuffing his face. At one point, it kind of looks like pretzels, but then Mikey’s mom says something about potato chips, so I guess that’s what it was.

White_Chunk3. Whipped cream

Another scene, another Chunk mood assuaged by food. “Oh God am I depressed,” Chunk explains before removing the cap from a whipped cream container, inverting it and dispensing the sweet, sweet cream directly down his gulet.

It’s probably not the first time this happened on film (or is it?), but it’s certainly the most memorable.

4. Tongue and brown water

Chunk didn’t eat this stuff, but I’m going to include it anyway because it’s a funny scene. It occurs after the Goonies track the Fratellis to an abandoned restaurant near the coast. After Mouth mouths off at Mama Fratelli, she comes back with the classic: “The only thing we serve is tongue!”

They instead order a round of water, all of which are tainted with a rusty brown hue. Mmmm, minerals.

5. Ice cream closet

chunk_stickerAnother Chunk-with-food classic. Chunk finds a freezer full of ice cream (through smell alone) and gets excited. Instead of Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen Dazs, the pints he finds are a brand called Swenson’s. Flavors include:

  • Pralines & Cream
  • Mississippi Mud
  • Chocolate Eruption
  • Apple
  • Grape

I know you’re probably wondering: what about Rocky Road? That actually comes up in a later scene, after Chunk frees Sloth.

6. Baby Ruth

Chunk’s peace offering to the deformed Fratelli sibling, Sloth. I’m not a big fan of Baby Ruth myself, but I could see how it would be appetizing in a situation like that. Plus, Sloth’s reading of Baby Ruth haunts my dreams.

7. Pizza

This time it’s the real stuff. Chunk’s family brings him a fresh pizza pie at the end of the movie, after the Goonies escape the pirate ship lagoon.

As much as I would love to see my family at the end of such a rousing adventure, I think the sight of pizza would be a close second.




Food on Film is an occasional feature in which I explore some of the most significant food-related scenes in popular film.

Here are the movies I’ve covered so far:


5 responses to “Food on Film: What Chunk Ate

  1. Aw i LOVE Chunk!!!

  2. Thanks for the reminders! I’m planning a Goonies 25th Anniversary party & this will help with the foods I serve 🙂 Since there is the reference to tongue & dirty water — how about Chunk’s claim to have ate his weight at GodFather’s Pizza or how the bullet holes were the size of Matzah Balls??

  3. All good references — thanks for reminding me of those. Go Goonies!

  4. He was eating chips, Barrel O’ Fun Chips, made in Perham, MN!

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