POM Wonderful: The Truest Blood

POMtru blood bottle

OK, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that POM Wonderful (or any pomegranate juice) tastes like the synthetic blood featured on the increasingly popular HBO vampire series, True Blood.

Granted, I’ve never tasted synthetic blood, nor any blood for that matter. But even if it doesn’t taste like it, pomegranate juice sure looks like True Blood. It’s dark red and thick…with a slightly syrupy quality.

However, a more apt comparison for the product is V, the vampire blood turned human drug that comes from the same show. Like V, a drug so potent that only a drop evokes waves of hypnotic euphoria, pomegranate juice yields its own bounty: tons of life-prolonging antioxidants.

health_benefits_landing2Antioxidants, also found in such foods as blueberries, salmon, red wine and dark chocolate, is extremely concentrated in pomegranate juice. And POM Wonderful is the only pomegranate juice that is backed by medical research, including studies that link its use to increased cardiovascular and prostate health (in addition to some sexual benefits for men…woohoo!). It’s all documented here.

So why am I talking all this wonderful about POM? Well, a couple months ago these folks were kind enough to send me a whole case of their mini-bottled product. I’ll admit, when I first opened one, I didn’t know what to expect.

pomegranateWhile I’d never had pomegranate juice before, I had seen an actual pomegranate. The inside looks like an alien nesting hive filled with what looks like red fish eggs. These eggs are presumably juice sacs that POM manages to painstakingly drain. I would assume this is the reason behind the relatively high price of pomegranate juice. (Or maybe it really is vampire blood.)

So what does it taste like?

Well, I assume most of you have had it before. It tastes exactly like what you think it would taste like: a tarter, more concentrated version of cranberry juice.

OK, maybe that’s not what you thought it would taste like considering the grotesque picture to the left. But that’s it.

I would be lying if I didn’t say it’s little hard to drink straight up. After a couple sips, your tongue sort of rebels against that particular taste, and it can be a chore to get through a whole bottle…

Which is why you shouldn’t drink POM alone. It’s a juice that’s made to be mixed. You can’t go wrong with various seltzers and I’d imagine ginger ale is also good with it. If you’re feeling saucy (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), throw a dash of vodka or gin in there. Or more than a dash.

I’m not one to judge how you take your pomegranate juice. I’m just making suggestions for a more pleasurable experience while getting your full wallops of antioxidants.

But you wanna know the best part of drinking POM?


You don’t have to drain a vampire to get it.


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