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The Upper West Side: A Vast Culinary Wasteland


It really saddens me to say this, but my new neighborhood is a vast culinary wasteland.

Sure, I haven’t eaten out nearly as much as I used to. The economy and the fabled NYC cost of living increase has certainly taken their toll. However, the wife and I have tried several eateries in the past month and a half, and we were not impressed.

To wit:

Citrus (photo above)

This restaurant is only a few block from my apartment and boasts “Latin fare with Asian flair.” It’s a fun motto, which is matched by the almost clubby atmosphere of the interior. It’s a modern place, very glossy looking, with the patronage to match.

Unfortunately, the food’s not very good.

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Food on Film: What Chunk Ate


Is there any movie more purely enjoyable than The Goonies?

While I love the whole adventure, it’s characters like Mouth, Data, the Fratellis and Sloth that really make this film an undeniable classic.

But there’s one character I hold closest to my heart: CHUNK. The food-obsessed klutz has some of the best lines, by far the most memorable facial expressions and a charm that shines through even the most serious scenes.

Of course, Chunk’s most famous quality is his ability to eat in the face of danger. For a rundown of his edible conquests, keep reading…

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Food on Film: Episode I – The Oddly-Hued Milk (updated)

Oh yes, it has come to this.

My food adventures of late have been somewhat… unadventurous. No new recipes, no new restaurants – just the same old stuff. This, of course, can only mean one thing: the debut of a new feature!

As opposed to My Lunch, which chronicles the often mundane details of my mid-day meals, Food on Film is about the extraordinary edibles that populate our favorite movies. Or at least, my favorite movies.

Thus, it is my geek duty to begin with Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. Or as non-nerds like to call it, Star Wars.

This king of sci-fi flicks obviously has other things going on besides food. After all, who has time for brunch when you’re saving the universe from an evil galactic empire. However…

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