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I’m back

I was all ready to write this post a week ago, but then my wife graduated vet school, my computer went bust, and projects piled up at work. My sincerest apologies for the two week absence of your Man Eat Food fix.

Anyway, I have a huuuuuuuuuuge back list of stuff I need to get to, including a whopping FIVE restaurant reviews and assorted other goodies.

For now, I’m going to run down a few neat things from the Florida Keys. They are not all food related, but they’re fun. Or, they were fun to me when I was down there.

Bahia Honda Beach

The Keys are not known for their beaches, but this one, where I took a picture of the “broken” bridge, is known as one of the best. In fact, it was recognized as the “Best Beach in America” at some point in the 90s. The water was a steady 80 degrees and always that perfect aquamarine color.

Crane Point Museum and Nature Center

It was scorching when we walked around this nature preserve, which included a small museum and bird sanctuary. The hut at right was built by the land’s original occupant who used to collect natural sea sponges and sell them at the market in Key West. I’m not sure how he survived the summers without air conditioning.

Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory

Probably one of the coolest places we visited. It’s literally a butterfly “factory” housed in a small greenhouse. Thanks to the abundance of the colorful butterflies, birds, and fish, it feels like you’ve just entered Narnia, or some other enchanted land.

Hemingway House

Most people come here for the literary history, but we were all about the cats. An inbred deformity cause them have more toes than usual (as you can see by the slumbering cat at right). These “polydactyls” are quite funny looking, but completely harmless. There are dozens of them running free over the property and even a graveyard for former feline tenants.

Sunset Celebration

There are fire eaters, human statues, and all manner of other performers leading up to the spectacular sunset on Key West. This family of English contortionists were probably the most crowd pleasing of the acts.

And I’ll leave you with the most ridiculous sight from our vacation: overfed tarpon gathering at the docks like pigeons around stale bread.

Fat fish: only in America.