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The Upper West Side: A Vast Culinary Wasteland


It really saddens me to say this, but my new neighborhood is a vast culinary wasteland.

Sure, I haven’t eaten out nearly as much as I used to. The economy and the fabled NYC cost of living increase has certainly taken their toll. However, the wife and I have tried several eateries in the past month and a half, and we were not impressed.

To wit:

Citrus (photo above)

This restaurant is only a few block from my apartment and boasts “Latin fare with Asian flair.” It’s a fun motto, which is matched by the almost clubby atmosphere of the interior. It’s a modern place, very glossy looking, with the patronage to match.

Unfortunately, the food’s not very good.

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Fuji Mountain Celebration

The wife surprised me with a financial windfall tonight: two scholarships that will help keep our heads above water in her final year of vet school. A cause to celebrate, no?

Of course. So, having not had sushi in months (that shit be expensive, yo!), we strolled down the street to our favorite raw fish place: Fuji Mountain.

Did I mention it was only 5:45? I felt like we were an old, married couple in Florida. Alas, Fuji did not have an early bird special.

Although it is Restaurant Week here in Philly (three courses for $30 at select restaurants), we bypassed the specials in order to split a sushi plate. Sixteen pieces of sushi, a spicy tuna roll, and a shrimp tempura roll. Mmmmmmmm, rolls.

As usual, all was excellent. I even got a bonus when the wife didn’t want to finish her share. That’s right: extra sushi for me.

There was one weird piece which I couldn’t quite identify. It looked to be the consistency of squid, but it was definitely softer, like fish. I expected to hate it, but it turned out to be my favorite of the plate.

Don’t you love little surprises?